An Introduction to Blackmer Pumps


Blackmer is a company that is celebrating its one hundred and fifteenth year of operations. During this time, the company has provided unbeatable product performance and its excellent service and support all have helped this company achieve preeminence in its field. The thing that makes Blackmer such a superlative company is its dedication and commitment to innovative technologies that positively have impacted the world.

Blackmer started operations in the year 1903 and is the leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and compressors that help in transferring liquid and gas products. The centrifugal pump is a very simple type of pump that is a single stage machine consisting primarily of a rotating element which is called an impeller. It also has a nice casing. These pumps are made by Blackmer which is a company that is part of PSG, a Dover company and is the global leader in its field. Blackmer products are currently selling in various countries around the world through a network of distributors and original equipment manufacturers supports by Blackmer field sales. Their pumps are being used in a large number of applications in the process, energy, transport and military and marine markets.

The mission of this company is to deliver exceptional value to customers by helping them to achieve total productivity and maximum profitability. In addition, the company is also dedicated to improving safety and ensuring environmental protection.

Grundfos pumps are also an option worth exploring. The nice thing about the Grundfos Pumps CR pump series is their ability to be customized to meet individual requirements. This company uses a mix and match approach to customization in which different pump features and options are thought of as modules that you can combine to create the perfect pump for whatever job you need done. Grundfos is also a company that constantly strives to make its products more user-friendly and reliable. More importantly, its products are also energy efficient and they operate in the most efficient manner possible.

Yet another option available to you when choosing a self-priming centrifugal pump is the Griswold self-priming centrifugal pump. These pumps are designed for different applications and can be used in industrial as well as water treatment applications. They are also well suited when you need a pump to drain a barge and tank car. In addition, these pumps are also ideally suited for dewatering mines or underground storage facilities.